Recruiting an apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice process

The recruitment process for hiring an apprentice is often easier because many training providers will take care of the initial stages of recruitment once you have the job description and vacancy approval completed. If you are thinking of hiring an apprentice get in touch with the Apprenticeships Manager to discuss the job description and the skills framework that will meet your department's requirements. There may already be an existing apprenticeship job description that would suit your vacancy.

The job will be advertised as usual on the university website and on your own website if you choose so. It will also be listed on the Government Apprenticeship website by the training provider and this is where the applications are made. Once the vacancy has closed, the training provider will test the candidates and shortlist for you. You will receive a shortlist of suitable candidates for interview and selection.

To make recruiting as easy as possible we have developed a range of Apprenticeships specific documents such as job descriptions and contracts. These have been approved by gradings and central policy unit and simplify the whole process. These templates can be found here.

Additional information about the existing types of apprenticeships can be found on the government website.

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