University of Oxford Apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for young people and current members of staff to earn while they learn in a world-leading research and academic institution. The University is committed to providing exciting and life-changing apprenticeships across all of its departments, where apprentices of all ages train alongside experienced staff, developing their professional skills whilst growing the university’s workforce talent.

Increasingly, Apprenticeships are becoming a way for more people to achieve higher qualifications, gain valuable experience and earn a salary. At the same time, apprentices join an inspirational learning community through their training providers where they work towards achieving a specific nationally-recognised qualification.

There are also benefits to employers, for more information please click here

Key facts

  • All of our full time new entrant apprentices start on £23,706 a year 
  • All apprenticeship vacancies have flexible entry levels, with entry allowed at post-GCSE and A level 
  • The apprenticeships last from one to four years, depending on the skills and levels required 
  • The roles are available for anyone living in England, over-16 and not in full-time education 
  • They are also open to existing university employees making a change in their roles or careers 
  • Apprenticeships exist in a huge range of professional areas 

Aims & objectives

The overall strategic aim of University of Oxford Apprenticeships is to meet the university’s requirement for both mainstream and highly specialist roles. The university is committed to achieving this by recruiting and retaining the best possible talent and developing the skills, experience and behaviours that departments need.

  • Encourage departments to include Apprenticeships in their strategic workforce planning
  • Develop the longer term talent pipeline to meet the University’s skill requirements
  • Increase both the scale and variety of  our Apprenticeships offered
  • Secure external funding opportunities to support the development of new and existing staff
  • Ensure high standards of quality teaching and learning from our external training providers
  • Improve equality and diversity in our workforce whilst enhancing community engagement

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