Milena Cioroch

1. Why did you choose to do Apprenticeship-based training?

This type of training helped me to "learn on the job". This is a fantastic opportunity to gain new knowledge and apply it at your work. Not to mention that this Diploma is recognised nationally.


2. What qualifications did you have before applying for your Apprenticeship course? Did you have to undertake any other qualifications before starting this course?

Based on my knowledge, after the initial interview, I had to take functional exams for English and Maths.


3. How did you find out about your Apprenticeship?

I found out about the Apprenticeship program via work emails.


4. What have you gained from your Apprenticeship – skills, experience etc.?

During my Apprenticeship course I've learned so much. The course gave me the knowledge and tools for how to be a good leader: how to manage mine and others' time; how to praise team members; and how to motivate them. All of the experience I gained, gave me the confidence and reassurance that I'm doing a good job.


5. What has been your proudest moment so far from doing your Apprenticeship?

I guess my proudest moment is when I could implement my knowledge at work. I can mentor and motivate my colleagues at work. I started seeing results from changes I made at work thanks to what I've learned during my Apprenticeship.


6. What do you plan to do next?

I would like to explore Lab Management further and continue working in this field.


7. How will your/has your Apprenticeship helped you to achieve this?

OCR Level 3 Diploma in Management represents a range of knowledge and skills, including detailed knowledge in one or more areas. I hope this will allow me to gain more responsibilities in my current job together with a pay rise, or be more employable by my future Employer.


8. What advice would you give a young person who might be thinking about an Apprenticeship?

Just do it!!!! I took on a totally new adventure. I'm lab based, so all the management terminology was a mystery. But my assessor and everyone in the college are so very helpful and patient. Their commitment, along with mine, helped me to continue and I'm about to finish. My program required 10 day visits to the college where we were learning about management. Meetings were well prepared, interactive and the teachers were great.


9. What advice would you give an employer who is considering employing an Apprentice?

Any employer would benefit from employing an Apprentice. It clearly shows that those people want to learn and implement their knowledge at work. An Apprentice is a hard working person that wants to combine the best of both: knowledge and work.


Finally, how did it feel to be told you were Abingdon & Witney College’s ‘Apprentice of the month’ for March 2020?


I wasn't expecting that at all. The college has many pupils and there are plenty of students that excel in their work. I put a lot of work into my course and I'm really happy that it was noticed!


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