Michael Truby

Senior Technician

Biomedical Services


Type of Apprenticeship: Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor

Start date: September 2018

End date: December 2020


1. Why did you choose to do Apprenticeship-based training?

The apprenticeship learning meant that I could easily tie in what I was learning to my tasks at work, making the whole course easier to apply to my role in the workplace. As a plus, it meant that some of the modules could be ticked off as I naturally progressed in my role through the duration of the apprenticeship. 


2. What qualifications did you have before applying for your Apprenticeship course? Did you have to undertake any other qualifications before starting this course?

I have other qualifications more niche to my role, but no other apprenticeships. 


3. How did you find out about your Apprenticeship?

I found out through my managers as they were keen to develop members of the department. 


4. What have you gained from your Apprenticeship – skills, experience etc.?

I have gained a level 3 diploma in management, I also have a better understanding in how to manage others day-to-day. 


5. What has been your proudest moment so far from doing your Apprenticeship?

Not too sure yet as I haven’t finished just yet.


6. What do you plan to do next? / What are you doing now?

I would like to continue to the next level, if there is an applicable course. For example, a level 4 in management.


7. How will your/has your Apprenticeship helped you to achieve this?

The apprenticeship has laid the foundations of knowledge to allow further progression into future courses. 


8. What advice would you give a person who might be thinking about Apprenticeship-based training to progress their career?

Why wouldn’t you? Tying learning into your daily role anyway makes  it a lot less labour intensive, and the pay-off at the end is great. 


9. What advice would you give a manager who is considering Apprenticeship-based training for their employee?

Same as the above.