Matthew Rylatt

  1. Which Apprenticeship based training are you completing and in which department?
    Level 3 Plumbing And domestic heating in Maintenance
  2. Why did you choose to do Apprenticeship-based training?
    Initially to find out what I wanted to do I tried a couple short courses such as evening classes and 1 week basic courses, I tried carpentry and plumbing although liking both I eventually came down on the side of plumbing as I found the technical side much more interesting and there was also need of someone with plumbing skills within the  team as at the time none us had much experience other than little bit of DIY.
  3. What qualifications did you have before applying for your Apprenticeship course?
    I was previously a Groundsman before I became a maintenance technician so most of my qualifications are landscape maintenance based, for example PA1/PA6 chemical application, Chainsaw maintenance and cross wood cutting CS0960, powered pole pruner, Wood chipper and MEWP (mobile elevated work platform). Circumstances dictated the sideways move.
  4. How did you find out about your Apprenticeship?
    Researching online.
  5. What have you gained from your Apprenticeship – skills, experience etc.?
    I only started the course in September so its still relatively new to me but in that short time I have gained skills and confidence I am already putting into use.
  6. What has been your proudest moment so far from doing your Apprenticeship?
    The high point was achieving the Best in Bicester Apprentice Award.
  7. What advice would you give someone who might be thinking about Apprenticeship-based training to progress their career?
    Research thoroughly exactly what you want to do, as I said I did some short courses in a couple of trades that interested me before I committed to one area.
    I found this extremely beneficial as it allowed me to get a feel for what each trade would be like.
  8. What advice would you give a manager who is considering Apprenticeship-based training for their employee?
    Be prepared to support your apprentice throughout their apprenticeship, it’s a commitment for you as much as the apprentice so you will need to put some work in yourself too. I have heard from various sources about apprentices being signed up to courses and not receiving any support from their employer leading to them either failing or dropping out. 

    I consider myself lucky in this respect my employer has given full support for anything I need whether it be time or equipment.

Matt recently started on the Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating apprenticeship which is run by Abingdon & Witney college at their new Bicester Construction Centre.

He was recently awarded with the 'Best of Bicester' Award, you can read the full news story here