Kathryn Scott

Why did you choose to do Apprenticeship-based training?

I knew admin was something I would be good at as I’ve always been really organised. I didn’t have any experience in working in an office previously so I started looking at apprenticeships. Oxford’s apprenticeship stood out the most as it allowed me to gain both level 2 and level 3 qualification in business administration whereas a lot of other apprenticeships at that time only offered level 2. 

What did you gain from the Apprenticeship?

I gained so much from the apprenticeship, by learning whilst working it allowed me to gain more confidence within my  role. Having to provide evidence of work as part of my NVQ allowed me to learn a variety of things and it also allowed me to learn from a variety of administrators within my department. 

What have you done since and how has the Apprenticeship helped this?

Since my apprenticeship I have stayed within the Engineering Science department, I worked as an administrative assistant before moving on to be a financial administrator. During my time as a financial administrator I went back to college where I gained my level 2 and level 3 AAT and now I’ve recently just started a new role as a project manager for the Hypersonics group.

Future plans?

I have only just moved to the project manager role so I definitely want to spend some more time within the department developing my skills and learning more about project management and becoming confident within that role.

Advice for other employees considering it?

Go for it, find an area which interests you and apply. It can be difficult working and studying so you have to be prepared to give up some free time but the qualifications and experience you gain is so great for career progression.  

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