Georgia Smith

1) Can you describe some benefits of undertaking Apprenticeship based training?

My educational development can continue while I still focus the majority of my time on my career pathway.

The course keeps me motivated in my job role as I can see the link between what I am learning and the work I conduct in the laboratory. It has encouraged me to think long term and I am considering furthering my education on completion of the apprenticeship. Financially, it is a beneficial way to avoid potential university debts as my employer finances my development and pays me a steady income.

2) What was your reaction to winning your award?

Surprise and excitement. I wasn't expecting to receive an award and prize for explaining my job role! 

3) What would you recommend to anyone else considering an Apprenticeship/taking on an apprentice?

Take your time to find an apprenticeship that suits you so that you are more likely to see it through to completion (including choosing a good course provider who knows what they are doing). Be prepared to sacrifice spare time after a busy day at work to invest in coursework, maybe make a schedule to see if it will be realistic with other commitments you already have. 



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