Emilia Reyes Pabon

Emilia has featured in our 'Apprentices on the front line' news story!


  1. Why did you choose to do this apprenticeship?
    During my A-levels I completed work experience in different laboratory settings (DPAG at Oxford and Hospital Laboratories at JRH) and I realised that I enjoyed the hands-on practical work more compared to the normal class theory setting. 
  2. What qualifications did you have before going onto this apprenticeship course? Did you have to take other qualifications before starting this course?
    Before starting my Level 3 Operations Technician Apprenticeship I had A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I did not have to take other qualifications before starting the course. 
  3. How did you find out about this apprenticeship?
    After completing my A-levels, I started looking for apprenticeships at the gov.uk website and I came across the apprenticeship and applied. 
  4. What have you gained from the apprenticeship so far – skills, experience etc.? 
    I completed my Level 3 Apprenticeship, and I gained a Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science and qualified as a Laboratory Technician. I have gained confidence, time management skills, communication skills and experience using different laboratory equipment. 
  5. What has been your proudest moment so far from doing your apprenticeship?
    In 2020, I was part of the team that produced the first clinical trial batch of the now known Oxford-AZ vaccine, I’m incredibly proud of all the teamwork and what we accomplished. In 2021, I won the Advance Apprentice of the Year award and the Overall Apprentice of the Year award. I was really proud because it meant that my hard work was being recognised. 
  6. What do you plan to do next?
    In September 2020 I started a higher-level apprenticeship to become qualified scientist. I will also be working towards completing a degree of Applied Bioscience with focus on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. 
  7. How will your apprenticeship help you achieve this?
    My apprenticeship will provide me with the right tools, skills and experience required to qualify. 
  8. What advice would you give a person who might be thinking about Apprenticeship-based training to progress their career?
    I would recommend considering an apprenticeship as you will have a great learning experience and you will gain different skills while working towards completing your qualifications. You will also receive a salary, which is always a plus. 
  9. What advice would you give a manager who is considering Apprenticeship-based training for their employee?
    I would say it’s a great opportunity to bring someone to your team with a fresh set of eyes, that will help you improve your procedures and systems. 

Emilia previously completed and graduated from the Level 3 Lab Technician apprenticeship, you can read her case study here! 

Emilia Reyes Pabon, Graduation for level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship