Budgeting for your apprentice

Apprenticeships are coordinated by Personnel Services and are funded by the Apprenticeship Levy which means there are no additional costs to departments for the training.


Additionally, your department will normally be responsible for the following:   

  •     Provision of the relevant books and equipment that the apprentice needs
  •     Travel expenses incurred by the apprentice to attend their training course(s) (when these are over and above the costs of their normal travel to work)


Apprentices join on a fixed term contract for the length of the apprenticeships. At the end of each apprenticeship, you can appoint the corresponding apprentice directly onto a role or end the fixed term contract.

To ensure that all staff are treated equally it is important that there is a clear and agreed salary progression framework that applies to all apprentices (except for existing staff). Therefore there is an agreed and standardised reward system which starts at Apprenticeship Grade 1 in the first year and rises annually to Apprenticeship Grade 4.


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