Training for supervisors

Becoming an apprenticeship supervisor can be a rewarding experience for members of your staff on both a personal and a professional level.

Claire Brewer testimonial

A one day training session for mentors and supervisors is available and organised by the Apprenticeships Manager. Delivered at locations around the university by external professional trainers, it is available at least termly and at minimal cost. If someone in your team has been identified as a potential supervisor they are encouraged to take this course. Please check our Eventbrite page or contact the University Apprenticeships Manager for further details. Next date announced: 19 Sept, click here to register (password: universityapprenticeships)!

It is also really useful for an apprentice to have a mentor. A member of staff who has previously been an apprentice is ideal for this role. 

Basic information about the mentoring role can be found in the following document, but any staff who have the responsibility of supervising an apprentice is strongly encouraged to attend the training mentioned above.

Sophie Jamieson - Lab Technician Apprentice in the Medical Sciences Division