Top tips

Top tips for supervisors and managers

Plan ahead! Consider hiring an apprentice for jobs within your department that are difficult to fill, areas of high staff turnover and roles that require highly skilled work.

Get in touch with the Apprenticeships Manager who will help you identify a suitable apprenticeship framework and training provider.

Choose the right... level of qualification for your apprentice. This will be based on the nationally-recognised qualification he or she will need in the future to be able to work within that role.

Write and review the job description and spend the necessary time writing, amending and reviewing your job description to make sure it meets your needs.

Mentor them up! Provide your apprentice with a mentor that will be able to address any queries or concerns during their employment (extra tip: using an ex-apprentice is a good idea as they will understand the type of support the new recruit needs).

Train your supervisors. Training is available for your designated supervisors (line managers) and mentors. Contact the Apprenticeships Manager for more information on these sessions.

Give feedback. Always let the apprentice know what they are doing well and where they need to improve to maximise their potential.

Check up. Schedule regular meetings with your apprentice to see if they are reaching these goals.

Integrate them. Don’t look at the apprenticeship as a temporary position. Provide you apprentice with an opportunity to grow within your department.

Encourage the apprentice to further their skills with a higher apprenticeship.

Motivate! Make sure the apprentice feels like an important part of your team by recognising their achievements.

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