Supervision and support

I really appreciated the support I had from [my line manager] and the experience he brought. Our relationship worked well as he could explain things in a way I understood and didn’t mind if I asked questions, I always knew he would be there to help me when I got stuck.
- Nicole Cunningham, Finance and Accounting Apprentice, Saïd Business School


At the start of your Apprenticeship you should have been appointed a supervisor (normally a line manager) who is responsible for organising your programme-based training and who will guide you in reaching your qualifications.

Your first point of contact should always be your supervisor. However, if you require further support, the Apprenticeships Manager can also provide you with professional and confidential support in all areas that relate to your job as an apprentice. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Other forms of support

As a university employee, you have access to the resources available to all university staff. In addition, as a student you are also eligible for support through the Natonal Union of Students (NUS), which offers a range of discounts for apprentices.

Some useful University Administration and Services (UAS) pages might be:

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