A few words from Clive...

In this testimonial, Clive Shepherd, the University's Apprenticeships Manager, tells us about his experience developing Apprenticeships for the University. He tells us about the values of apprenticeships for both university departments and apprentices, but also more widely for the future of young people and employers alike. Read on for more information about how to get in touch and about the outstanding opportunities available.

This is an exciting time for Apprenticeships at the University of Oxford but also more widely across the country. We are seeing unprecedented  levels of support at local and national level. It is a good news story for young people and employers alike.

As the largest employer in Oxfordshire, the University of Oxford has recognised that we need talented local young people to come into the organisation and train to be the professionals of the future, Apprenticeships are a great way of achieving that.

As a manager you’ll find that recruiting is straightforward with the external Training Provider often able to reduce the recruitment burden by managing the applications, conducting assessment centres and ensuring eligibility before supplying a short list for interview. An apprentice will bring a fresh perspective to the workplace and will quickly become productive while they learn at work and through the more formal training.

If you are thinking about becoming an apprentice, the University of Oxford is a fantastic place to work. With its world-leading research and teaching reputation you will learn from the best in their field often working at the cutting edge of technology and science. There is a huge range of opportunity with each of our 78 Departments having its own individual identity, no two jobs are the same. Competitive rates of pay, outstanding terms & conditions and a truly supportive working environment makes us the place to be for Apprenticeships.

Managers, to find out more, go to the recruitment page or contact me.

If you are looking for an Apprenticeship, go to our section on how to become an apprentice.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.