We LOVE Apprenticeships!


We LOVE Apprenticeships because they are the building blocks of our future.

The University of Oxford is a keen supporter of Apprenticeships, working in partnership with our local training providers we give young people in the local community fantastic opportunities to develop their career in a wide range of subjects.

Apprenticeships at the University are an attractive route into a professional career and many of our apprentices find themselves working as part of a team conducting ground-breaking research. Our apprenticeships are not just in the traditional technical and engineering subjects, they are in the arts, humanities, medical sciences, administration, HR, IT, social and digital media, marketing, plant sciences and a whole host of other subjects.

We are passionate about apprenticeships that offer the chance to gain on the job work experience and skills and a salary at the same time as gaining qualifications.

We see many benefits to having apprentices: they develop pipeline talent and preserve knowledge and skills for the future, they provide training tailored to the department giving the confidence of having competent professionals for the next generation, they bring vitality, fresh perspective and new ideas, they develop mentoring skills in existing staff, and they support the community by giving young people the opportunity to reach their potential and make a fantastic start to their future.

If you are interested in supporting apprentices at the University of Oxford please get in touch with the Apprenticeships Manager.

The University of Oxford is a Living Wage Employer.