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A growing number of apprentices work and learn at the University of Oxford every day. What is the experience like for them? Read about their success stories here.
Are you a parent looking to help your child make an informed decision about their future career? This section will guide you through the main benefits of doing an apprenticeship and connect you with all the information you need.
The University of Oxford is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity. Get in touch if you need any support.
From how to plan for an apprentice in your department to how to write a job description and mentoring your apprentice, find out which top tips have made the cut here.
During your apprenticeship, you will receive support from a supervisor and a mentor. These two should not be the same.
How do I hire an apprentice? Where do I find out information about training providers? How do I budget for an apprentice in my department? Where do I train my managers to be mentors?
Are you an apprentice in Oxford now? Find out more about how to receive support and plan for the future
Stay on top of the demands of your apprenticeships by following these top tips, from current managers and apprentices, straight to you!