New apprentice?

Congratulations on choosing to maximise your potential and your future through a University of Oxford Apprenticeship. As the largest employer in the county, the University of Oxford, through your assigned department, has decided to invest in you, to support you on your path to make your dreams a reality whilst ensuring that it retains a skilled workforce to enhance its world-leading research and teaching. In doing so, it also actively recognises its social and moral commitment to the local community and the future generations of talented professionals.

At the start of your apprenticeship, you will be given an induction that will include

  • A┬ácopy of your contract, learner agreement and apprenticeships guidelines
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Information specific to your chosen role
  • Conditions of work (including but not limited to breaks, dress code, behaviour and conduct, action to take in case of sickness and processes and systems of work)

If you are ever in doubt about any issues related to your conditions of work, do not hesitate to speak, in the first instance, to your supervision (line manager) or mentor.