Apprenticeships for staff


Fully funded professional developmnet for current staff

Recent changes to the way Apprenticeships are funded nationally mean that there are now fantastic development opportunities for existing University employees. Staff of any age or grade can gain additional professional qualifications that support the role they are performing:


  • There are no age limits

  • Staff keep their current salary and terms and conditions

  • A vast range of occupations are covered – from management to IT as well as technical roles

  • There are apprenticeships for staff at all levels – from those who left school at 16 right up to postgraduate level

  • There should be no cost to departments for staff undertaking an apprenticeship


Apprenticeships are mainstream staff development opportunities that require, like all development opportunities, commitments from both the individual doing the apprenticeship and their manager. The following are requirements:


  • The individual and manager commit to a significant amount of off the job training and development

  • Apprenticeships last for at least a year

  • The role you are doing must support the apprenticeship training – so that you can get the on the job experience needed to support your learning

  • An apprenticeship will lead to you mastering new skills or higher level skills that are required for your job


Apprenticeships for level 2 and level 3 management courses are currently being offered through the Oxford Learning Institute application process:


Apprenticeships will be offered in other core skill areas including HR and Finance later in 2017. In the meantime, please contact the University Apprenticeships Manager Clive Shepherd for further information.